In April and May 2015 a sequence of heavy earthquakes killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed or damaged 700,000 buildings; more detailed information here.

Together with many other foreign organizations our association contributed to first responder and reconstruction aid. A call for donations resulted in almost 50,000 €, money which allowed us to support people in Patan and in the mountains:

  • As first aid we financed emergency shelters, foodstuff, kitchen equipment, medical care, blankets, school uniforms and winter clothing for families and individuals in Patan, Kathmandu, Harrisiddhi and Khokana.
  • We were also able to support the reconstruction of infrastructure awarding grants for water supply and water tanks, for a new school building in Nebot Pokhari and a monastery in Balche Thulagoan.

Two trustworthy Nepali organized the on-site help and controlled the appropriate usage of our financial aid. Thank you very much to all donators.

Visiting Nepal several months ago it was obvious that even in 2017 many damages are not yet repaired. A lot of people will have to live in emergency shelters for some more years and need relief.

Link to our photo-gallery: Earthquake - Damages and Our Help.

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Mahadevi e. V. is non-profitable. Donations can be offset against tax.
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