Nepal is an interesting & beautiful destination with much to discover. There are countless tour operators. We would like to recommend a local agency with whom we have been working successfully for years:

Amitayus Trecking von Robin Chamlin

  • Trips made by members of the association have always been organised by this company to our complete satisfaction.
  • The boss, Robin Chamlin, is furthermore committed to the concerns of our association. He is our local representative for the Saraswati- & Lakshmi-School.

One traveller, Lena, 32, reported back to us in October 2022:
"I was totally enthusiastic about MWEC (= "Mahadevi Women's Education Center", our 3 schools), the hostels and especially about Anupendra (, the head of our school in Kathmandu), with whom I spoke for a longer time. I think you have really built a wonderful project. I felt what it means to the women and how proud they are of their learning progress.
I was very touched by the Nepali culture with its calmness, acceptance and equanimity, which Anupendra embodies particularly beautifully. I think we can take a leaf out of that book. It was a fantastic trip for me and I definitely intend to return."


You are also welcome to combine your trip with a visit to one of our schools. For this, you should contact us in good time before your departure so that we can arrange the local contact for you.


This hotel in Kathmandu can be recommended:

Hotel Chhimeki

It is run by a local self-help organisation that writes about itself: "Chhimeki is Nepali and means neighborhood. Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal is a self-help network by women for women, which mainly cares for pregnant women and young mothers as well as the nutrition of their infants and toddlers." (

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