In April 2018 our 2nd school, Saraswati in Valche Gaun, opened - a story of success since then.

About one hour by foot south-west of Valche Gaun the village of Nyuchet Gaun is located. Many women of this location wish to catch up on their missing school education. The village's committee supports the project. Our persons of confidence, Robin Chamlin & the member of his staff Buddha Ghale, prepared the start of the school. After having debated a good contract it was signed by the committee, the renter & the teacher. Thus our development cooperation has a secure & stable base.

Lessons are given 6 days a week in the existing school building for which we have to pay a modest rent only. The initial equipment comes from the Germany-based Georg-Kraus-Foundation. A couple which is member of our association will fund the  expenses for wages, material etc the next two years.

Since March 1st 2020 Mrs Remiko Tamang, the teacher, instructs the women of Lakshmi-school. We wish them all pleasure & success. & all the best for our 3rd school.


Lakshmi is the goddess of luckiness, beauty & wealth. Her husband is Vishnu.

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